Rental properties in Gibraltar

HEPSS High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills

This status is the alternative tax status for those who wish to reside and work in Gibraltar.

• A HEPSS individual must possess skills which are not already present in Gibraltar and must also help to promote and sustain the economy of Gibraltar.
• Applicants must earn over £100 000 per annum.
• Applicants cannot have been resident in Gibraltar for three years prior to the application.
• The applicant is required to purchase or rent a property in Gibraltar which has been approved by the Gibraltar Finance Centre.

The great advantage of this status is that you will only pay income tax on the first £100 000 earned.  Effectively this means that you will be taxed at a maximum rate of 27.5%.  Under the gross base system this would mean a charge of £27 500 maximum.  However if the allowance based system qualifies you to pay less tax you will be able to opt for this system and therefore reduce your tax payment.







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